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Vessel-Check BENEFITS

Benefits for Service Providers

Save time

Vessel-Check eliminates duplication with one central easy to access cloud database, coupled with automated nominations via an AIS data feed.

Save money

Biofouling management through Vessel-Check saves fuel & reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as biofouling can contribute up to 9% of global shipping greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduced risk of marine pest transfer

Easily communicate the management of vessel ballast water and biofouling risks, including better operational management and improve vessel efficiency using the biofouling predictor capability.

Offline capability

Efficiently capture biosecurity management activities even with no internet connectivity.

Enables collaboration & improves efficiency

Once a vessel profile is created, simply update the record book and share the information across users and jurisdictions. Easily and consistently share information to align with accepted international biosecurity standards.

User friendly interface & centralised storage

The clear and simple interface ensures users can easily navigate around the portal, efficiently completing tasks, accessing data and seeing results – anywhere, anytime via our secure cloud platform.

Business intelligence

Sophisticated analytics for budgeting and response planning. Embedded in the portal and built using Microsoft’s Power-BI delivers actionable dashboards, allows for customisation and can be downloaded for further data manipulation.

Market place

Link with vessels to improve their vessel biosecurity management.

API integration

Vessel-Check can seamlessly integrate with existing systems through available APIs.


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Service Provider Directory Form

As Vessel-Check continues to grow across the globe in the aquatic biosecurity space, we are setting up a directory for service providers to exhibit their services through the Vessel-Check portal. If you would like to join the FREE directory to let others know who you are and how you may be able to assist with any aquatic biosecurity issues a vessel may be experiencing, please complete the form below.

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Account Creation is Free

So, if you are a paint company, cleaning organisation or offer services in the aquatic biosecurity space and you want to access a vessel’s profile, sign up for a free account.