September 2020 Newsletter

by | Sep 1, 2020

In this issue: Updates, Webinars, Conferences.

Vessel-Check user base growing rapidly!

With an ever expanding list of registered vessels and users across regulators, operators and service providers across the world, Vessel-Check is quickly becoming the industry standard platform for aquatic biosecurity. Vessel-Check helps to reduce the risk of a marine pest invasion, and provides tangible benefit to both regulators and vessel owners/operators. Take a quick tour of the portal from a Regulator’s perspective!

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Latest Updates

New Addition to the Vessel-Check Team!

We are very pleased to announce a new addition to the Vessel-Check / DHI team – Dr Dave Abdo, Commercial Manager – Biosecurity.

Dave will be skippering the Vessel-Check boat and brings a strong background in benthic ecology and invertebrate biology, specialising in aquatic biosecurity.

He has worked in both industry and government sectors, covering a range of topics from studying reproductive and growth biology of invertebrates; designing and conducting aquatic biosecurity surveillance programs; managing emergency aquatic biosecurity response; technical method development using in photogrammetry, hydroacoustics and molecular analyses; to identifying and mapping benthic faunal communities.

Dr Dave Abdo, Commercial Manager Biosecurity
Connect with Dave on LinkedIn.
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Specialised Services for Commercial Organisations

For commercial organisations working in the maritime industry, we have unique services connecting industry, port authorities and government agencies for all aspects of aquatic biosecurity.

One example associated with marine title areas; Vessel-Check has established virtual ports using shape files or coordinates allowing for efficient and auditable environmental management of aquatic biosecurity. The use of AIS data with port arrival information is also included, facilitating proactive management.

New Regulator Features

Expanded filter options

Easily Sort by Flagged Vessels and/or Manual Nominations to home in on your search criteria.

Risk Metrics and Operational Indicators

A further refinement to the Vessel-Check risk engine is providing more accurate biofouling risk management scores as well important operational indicators to help regulators with proactive management and prioritisation of resources.

Detailed Risk Reports

Our downloadable detailed risk reports display specific information relating to the calculation of each risk metric and operational indicator, guiding regulators in the assessment of a vessel’s biofouling management practices.

Importantly, thresholds can be individually defined by each jurisdiction to suit their own requirements.

New Vessel Operator Features

User Management Enhanced

Adding new User’s to your vessels gets even easier. In the VESSEL PARTICULARS tab, as a User Admin for a vessel you can simple click the “INVITE USER” button to invite other parties to access and manage your vessel’s profile.

Upcoming Features

Biofouling Predictor

Building on the work of our parent organisation, we will be providing a Biofouling Predictor to aid users in better managing their vessels.

The module leverages our AIS data feed, is coupled with DHI’s high resolution 3-D regional models with combined global oceanographic and tidal models and uses time since last cleaning, antifoulant coating information, and key environmental parameters to estimate the potential increased resistance of a vessels hull due to biofouling.

Offline Sync Module

Specifically for our vessel customers, easily update your record book when out of range using any smart device.

The new entries will automatically synchronise with your online vessel profile and be available for authorised users.

Previous Webinars

Vessel-Check: an aquatic biosecurity risk assessment tool

IMO’s GloFouling Webinar Series
Vessel-Check: an aquatic biosecurity risk assessment tool
Recorded, 10th June 2020

In this 40-minute webinar see how Vessel-Check helps the maritime industry and governments in identifying actions that can mitigate the risk of transferring Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) across the world’s oceans. Watch now!


1st In-Port Inspection & Cleaning Conference (PortPIC)

1st In-Port Inspection & Cleaning Conference (PortPIC)
Hamburg, Germany 14th-15th September 2020
Conference Organiser: Volker Bertram

See a presentation by Michael Andersen from DHI of the paper titled “Cloud-based vessel biosecurity management to mitigate the transfer of harmful non-indigenous species”.

Michael is an environmental engineering specialist with extensive experience in unique and innovative solutions for aquatic biosecurity.

His engineering skill set is excellently complimented with proven business experience.

Michael Andersen
Business Development Maritime Technology – DHI Denmark
Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

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