November 2020 Newsletter

by | Nov 1, 2020

In this issue: Awards, Updates, Conferences.

Vessel-Check wins Environmental Biosecurity Award!

Each year the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment present the Australian Biosecurity Awards, which recognise a significant commitment to the nation’s biosecurity.

“A successful collaboration between DHI and DPIRD resulted in the development of Vessel-Check, an innovative tool that helps mitigate the risk of introducing non-indigenous marine species (NIS) though biofouling.”

Latest Updates

Oil & Gas industry continues to adopt Vessel-Check

We are very happy to welcome yet another regulatory user to the Vessel-Check family.

They have recently signed up for a customised regulator subscription to help with IMS risk management for their marine titles.

We are looking forward to helping them and their subcontractors see the benefits and realise the efficiencies of our online portal.

Amelia-A” by Strocchi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

User Feedback Drives Vessel-Check Enhancements

Thank you to all of the Vessel-Check users who have provided valuable input to the future roadmap of Vessel-Check. Based on the feedback, a number of features have been accelerated including the offline record book (mentioned in our last newsletter), pre-filled operating profile (see below) and consolidating our niche list to improve vessel profiles.

New Vessel-Check Landing Page launched!

Specifically timed to coincide with our national award win and to facilitate the global uptake of Vessel-Check, the new landing page showcases the key benefits and features of the portal.

One-on-One Demonstrations Available. Enquire Now!

Expanded Help Documentation in our new Knowledge Base

With close to 12 months of operations, the Vessel-Check support team have collated various queries and put together a comprehensive frequently asked questions section (FAQ’s) in the on-line documentation.

This Knowledge Base includes technical information, videos and guides and support.

Did you know that Vessel-Check can be used to create your Biofouling Management Plan?

The IMO guidelines for the control and management of ships biofouling forms the basis for the design of Vessel-Check.

The Biofouling Information report contains Vessel Details, Owner Details, BMP file name & date, Niche Summary, Management Action Summary, AFC Information, Operating Profile Summary and Record Book Summary.

This information can be used to create your vessel specific Biofouling Management Plan, and then uploaded to Vessel-Check for easy global access for your users and authorised jurisdictions.

Upcoming Features

Improved Management Planning

New and improved graphics for both vessel types and niche areas are currently being implemented.

The new vessel schematics based on AIS information will be auto-selected for each vessel.

During niche definition drag and drop icons for each of the niche areas will help both vessel managers and regulators clearly understand niche features and locations.

Automatic Operating Profile

A vessel’s Operating Profile will be auto-generated based on historical AIS data, saving time and helping vessel managers with the completion of a vessel’s profile.

A pictorial representation on the world map elegantly displays key aspects of vessel movements. This improvement also assists regulators to understand any operational risks associated with layup periods and potential environmental compatibility.


Biofouling Global Virtual Seminar

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy
16 – 17 November 2020

Dr Dave Abdo, Commercial Manager – Biosecurity for DHI Australia recently presented on “Vessel-Check, the global solution to IMS risk mitigation via shipping”.

Watch now!

Dave has over 18 years experience in benthic ecology and invertebrate biology, specialising in aquatic biosecurity. He has led the development of Vessel-Check to aid the maritime industry and governments in identifying actions that can as low as reasonably practicable mitigate the risk of vessel’s transferring non-indigenous species (NIS) across the world’s oceans. Interested in learning more? Contact Dave.

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