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Statistics Report provides a useful summary of vessel nominations, registered vessels and risk assessments into your jurisdiction over time.

Statistics Report Vessel Check

Charts are displayed for the following statistics:

  • Total Unique Vessel Visits
  • % Registered Vessel Entries
  • Vessel Types
  • Last Port of Call Countries
  • Last Port of Calls
  • Nominations
  • Total Nominations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Total Risk Assessments

Focus Mode

Focus Mode shows the selected chart on individual pages to enable the User to focus on one chart at a time.

Statistics3 Statistics2

Export Data

Select More Options > Export Data. Save the summarized data in an .xlsx or .csv file format.




Show as Table

Select More Options > Show as a table. Show as a table will show the chart and data table on a new tab.

Statistics5 1 Statistics8


Select More Options > Spotlight. Spotlight will highlight the selected chart and deselect other charts.

Statistics5 2

Statistics10 Statistics9

Chart Features

Some charts may be sorted by descending, ascending or other Vessel particulars.