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Fleet Information

Vessel Manager Overview Vessel Check 1

Fleet Table

A user can view vessel’s in a Grid or List format. The view selection is at the top right of the Fleet table next to the search fields.

Fleet Grid Fleet Vessel Check

Fleet List Fleet Vessel Check

To View Vessel Info; in the grid view, hover over and select the Vessel picture; in the list view select the Vessel Name.


To open Biofouling Management, click the Vessel icon.


To open Ballast Water Management, click the Rotating Arrow icon.


To open Record Book Management, click the Document icon.


Latest Risk Report

To retrieve the Latest Risk Report, click on the three dot icon and open Latest Risk Report.

The PDF report will automatically download.






Biofouling Data Report

The Biofouling Data Report is a PDF report of all of the information in a vessel’s profile. To access the report, click on the three dot icon and open Biofouling Data Report.

The PDF report will automatically download.



Register39 Register40 Register41 Register42 Register43


An optional feature rich, value driven paid subscription is available for vessels. Initially an “Operational” package is offered which is ideal for operationalising activities, improving accuracy and gaining efficiencies for the fleet.

Upgrade Plan

To Upgrade a subscription for a vessel, click on the three dot icon and Upgrade Plan.


Please select the subscription plan as required.


Enter Payment details and click Submit.


Cancel Plan

To Cancel a subscription for a vessel, click on the three dot icon and Cancel Plan.


A dialogue box will appear confirming to Cancel the subscription. Click Cancel Subscription.


Remove Vessel from Fleet

Step 1: Click on the three dot icon and Remove from Fleet on the specified Vessel.


Step 2: A dialogue box will appear confirming the deletion of the Vessel. Click Unregister.

User Administrator of Vessel – A Vessel is only able to be unregistered from the Vessel Manager account by assigning another User administrator for the Vessel.



Step 3: The Vessel will be removed from the Fleet list.

Register Vessel

Step 1: Click on + Register Vessel button on the right of the Fleet table.


Step 2: Enter 7-digit Vessel IMO Number. Click Search.



Step 3: Check Vessel details are correct.


Step 4: Agree to Terms and Conditions by ticking the box. They can be viewed by hovering over the “i” Icon.



Step 5: Click Request Access.


The Approval will be pending and if the vessel is registered on Vessel-Check the request is emailed to the Vessel User Administrator(s) for their approval.  

If the vessel is new to the Vessel-Check portal a request is emailed to the Vessel-Check support team to ensure the requesting User is authorised to access the vessel’s information and manage the vessel’s profile.

Vessel Access Pending Fleet Overview Vessel Check

Once approved by the Vessel Administrator or Vessel-Check , the Vessel will appear in the Fleet list.

Vessel Access Approved Fleet Overview Vessel Check

To utilise the complete functionality of the application, click on the Vessel Picture or Vessel Name.

Vessel Already Registered

Request Access

Step 1: Click Register Vessel.

Register2 1

Step 2: Enter 7-digit Vessel IMO Number. Click Search.

Register4.5 1

Step 3: Check Vessel details are correct. The Availability column will indicate that the Vessel is restricted. Click Request Access.


Approve Request

Requests can only be approved by a Vessel’s User Administrator account for each Vessel.

Step 1: Click on Vessel Info > User Management.

Pending User Management Vessel Check

Step 2: The Users table will list all users and requests. The Role column will appear as Pending for any Vessel access requests. Select the Pending box under Role to change the User’s role. The options include;

Pending, where the User does not have access to the Vessel’s profile

User, where the User can access, manage and edit the Vessel’s profile, but does NOT have access to Vessel User management.

Admin, where the User can access, manage and edit the Vessel’s profile and has access to manage the Vessel’s Users.

Role User Management Vessel Check

Step 3: Click the desired role for the User.

Step 4: The Users role will change from Pending to User or Admin. Multiple Users can be registered to a Vessel and there can also be multiple Admin’s for each Vessel.

New User Management Vessel Check

Registering Non-IMO Vessels

Vessels that do not have an IMO number are able to be manually registered in Vessel-Check, vessel registration requires the following verification process.

Step 1: Send a request to

Step 2: Vessel-Check Support will provide an excel template with the following fields ready for completion. Please have the following information readily available.

Field Name Field Information (to be completed by applicant) Notes
Vessel-Check User email   (Mandatory Field) User will become the User Administrator for this vessel.
Vessel Name   (Mandatory Field)
MMSI Number   (Mandatory Field)
Vessel Registration   (Mandatory Field) The official number is the six digit number issued by the Shipping Registration Office to Australian registered ships
Registering Authority   For Australian vessels, AMSA Shipping Registration Office
Registration Expiry   Date
Registration Certificate   (preferred for AMSA vessels, mandatory for other vessels)
Vessel Type   (Mandatory Field) – Select from list.
LOA   meters, (Mandatory Field)
LPP   meters, (Optional Field)
Beam   meters, (Optional Field)
DWT   tonnes, (Mandatory Field)
Maximum Draft   meters, (Mandatory Field)
Maximum TEU   (Optional Field)
Build Year   (Optional Field)
Flag   (Optional Field)
Callsign   (Mandatory Field)
Vessel Builder   (Optional Field)
Owner Name   (Mandatory Field)
Owner Address   (Mandatory Field)
Owner Email   (Mandatory Field)
Owner Phone Number   (Mandatory Field)
Operator Name   (Mandatory Field)
Operator Address   (Mandatory Field)
Operator Email   (Mandatory Field)
Operator Phone Number   (Mandatory Field)

Step 3: Return the completed excel file to

Step 4: Once verified, the Vessel will be registered and appear under the Fleet list.