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The Document Library can be used as both an internal document store and a way to share documents with Vessel Managers entering a Jurisdiction. Any type of document can be stored in the library.

If the document is shared, all vessels that nominate into the jurisdiction ports are able to view and download the document. This is particularly useful for procedures, instructions or entry requirements.  Additionally, through the use of the Adobe Acrobat form field functionality, PDF forms can be configured to extract information from the Vessel-Check database to pre-populate documents (e.g. Vessel Name, Vessel IMO number etc).  See Template Tags below

If the document is NOT shared, it is only accessible by the Users associated with that particular jurisdiction or authority. This is useful as a central storage location for aquatic biosecurity information needed for the management of an area, or for reports and statistics to help guide policy or management efforts.

Document Library Templates Table Vessel Check

Add Form Template

Step 1: Click Add Form Template.


Step 2: Enter Document Name.


Step 3: Enter Document Description.


Step 4: Select Document Type.

(Note: currently only Report type available, other types for future development)


Step 5: Select Anchor Point.

Choose “Vessel Nomination” as the anchor point, this will enable the form fields (template tags). (“Vessel Particular” anchor point for future development)


Step 6: Upload File.

Drag and Drop file or Browse to select file from the file structure.


Step 7: Select if the Form Template is to be shared with Vessel Managers.

If it is Shared, the Form will be available to vessels with nominations into your ports.  (ie: the ports that the logged in regulator has listed for their subscription). If it is NOT shared only the regulatory users for that jurisdiction can access the form.


Step 8: Click Save.


Edit Form

Step 1: Click on Actions and Edit.


Step 2: Edit the Form as required. Click Save.


Download Form

Step 1: Click Actions and Download.


Step 2: The Form will download and display in PDF viewer.

Delete Form

Step 1: Click Actions and Delete Form.


Step 2: A dialogue box will appear confirming the deletion of the Form. Click Delete.


Template Tags

Template Tags relate to data stored in the Vessel-Check data base and are used to auto-populate PDF forms relating to vessels or port nominations. These PDF documents are configured by the regulatory user and uploaded into the Document Library for use by Vessel Managers visiting the regulatory user’s ports.  This feature helps to ensure accurate information, reduces duplication and semi-automates form completion. Here is some basic information on PDF form fields.  If you need assistance on getting the most out of this feature, please contact Vessel-Check support. 

To view available Template Tags for use within your Template Form, click Template Tags. Hover over the “i” icon to get a description of Form field.  


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