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Vessel Check Biosecurity software Knowledge Base note

Before proceeding, we highly recommend you take a quick look over the Vessel-Check Glossary. This glossary will allow you to become familiar with the terms used within this Knowledge Base, including important details like what we call Regulators (agencies and organisations responsible for environmental management of a place(s)) and Vessel Managers (Users responsible for management of vessels)

If you are a new Regulator, the Regulator > Vessel Transit > Map section is the best place to start. We also offer and encourage a free onboarding session with one of the Vessel-Check team. Usually 1 to 2 hours of hands on and instructor lead training will have you across all of the important features of the Vessel-Check decision support tool.

If you are a new Vessel Manager please see the Vessel Manager > New User section.  Here you can see how to create an account, register a vessel to that account and create a new vessel profile

Lastly, if you prefer long-form video content, our Videos and Guides provide a great overview of the different areas of the Vessel-Check system.