Vessel-Check offers a better way for Vessel Managers to manage ballast water and biofouling for vessels and fleets.

Support System

Vessel-Check helps vessel managers, authorities and the maritime industry save time, money and reduces aquatic biosecurity risks through maritime pathways.


Vessel Ballast Water and Biofouling Biosecurity

Vessel-Check is an award winning marine biofouling management tool. Learn how you can benefit from using Vessel-Check, whether you are a biosecurity regulator, vessel manager or service provider.

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What does Vessel-Check do?

Vessel-Check is a decision support tool for both vessel managers and biosecurity authorities providing a global solution for vessel-related biosecurity management.

The portal focusses on the management practices employed by a vessel to manage its biosecurity risks. Vessel-Check applies a consistent and transparent methodology to understand if the strategies employed by the vessel are sufficient to mitigate the transfer of invasive aquatic species (IAS).

The risk assessment engines used in Vessel-Check are based on IMO guidelines and have been directly developed with biosecurity authorities.

Vessel-Check Benefits

Not your average aquatic biosecurity management tool – Learn what Vessel-Check can offer you.

Save time

Vessel-Check eliminates duplication with one central easy to access cloud database, coupled with automated nominations via AIS.

Save money

Biofouling management through Vessel-Check saves fuel & reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as biofouling can contribute up to 9% of global shipping greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduced risk of invasive aquatic pest transfer

Vessel-Checks automated vessel arrival forecast and risk calculations, produces near real time intelligence of your biosecurity risk across multiple metrics.

Offline capability

Efficiently capture biosecurity management activities even with no internet connectivity.

Enables collaboration & improves efficiency

Once a vessel profile is created, simply update the record book and share the information across users and jurisdictions. Easily and consistently share information to align with accepted international biosecurity standards.

Vessel Managers

Based on IMO guidelines and supported by authorities, Vessel-Check helps standardise vessel biosecurity assessments.


Vessel biosecurity management made easy

Use your FREE vessel managers account today and efficiently manage biosecurity for your vessel, across your fleet and throughout your organisation. Managing biofouling and ballast water will reduce the risk of transferring invasive aquatic species, improve your vessels performance, saving fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Operational subscription option has been developed to enhance your fleet management, reduce operational burdens and increase fleet management oversight. All of the feature details are outlined in the subscription table; choose either the FREE service with unlimited users and vessels or try the Operational subscription for 1 month for FREE.

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Biosecurity Regulation

Are you an authority responsible for aquatic biosecurity? Biosecurity regulators, resource managers and port authorities are implementing Vessel-Check to improve efficiencies and have clear visibility across their operations.

Authorities have been a key contributor to the design and function of Vessel-Check. With a focus on raising pre-border awareness and increased assurance across the entire jurisdiction with automated risk assessments to aid in biosecurity management. Whether you are a regulatory agency, oil and gas company or port authority contact us for a demonstration and free trial period to better manager your aquatic biosecurity responsibilities.


Improving Biosecurity Management

Vessel-Check provides one global central point of truth for a vessel’s biosecurity management practices. 

Hosted on the cloud and built in Microsoft’s Azure environment a vessel’s information is securely accessible, instantly available and seamlessly updatable for all approved users.

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Trusted Globally

Biosecurity regulators, resource managers, vessel managers and operators are implementing Vessel-Check
to improve efficiencies and have clear visibility across their operations.





Risk Assessments

Account Creation is Free

If you want to efficiently manage your vessel's biofouling and ballast water, securely share the profile across your stakeholders and automatically interact with authorities, create your free account today.

For businesses wanting more savings and better operational oversight, try our newly launched subscription package with a no obligation free 1 month trial.